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Placement Exams

Basic graphing calculators are allowed on all placement exams.  Calculators with symbolic manipulators or computer algebra systems (C.A.S.), such as the TI -89, TI-92, HP48G, are not allowed.
A picture ID and #2 pencils are required.


Students who place into Intermediate Algebra or who choose to take Intermediate Algebra at a community college have the option to apply for Cross-Enrollment with South Louisiana Community College (SOLACC). For detailed information about cross-enrollment courses, please visit the registrar's Cross-Enrollment webpage. At SOLACC, the Intermediate Algebra course is Math 83, Algebraic Foundations. Students who pass this course with a grade of C or higher may then enroll in Math 102 or Math 103&104 at UL Lafayette.

International Students

International students who have never taken a college level mathematics course in the U.S. and do not have an ACT or SAT mathematics score must first take the ACT Residual Exam. This exam is administered through the Office of International Affairs and the Counseling and Testing Office.  Depending on the results from the ACT Residual, international students will take the International Placement and Credit exam through the Math Department.

Please complete this form and submit it if you wish to take the International Mathematics Exam.