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Karyn Sutton

Karyn Sutton
Assistant Professor
Applied Mathematics

433 Maxim Doucet Hall

Ph.D. 2008 Arizona State University
M.A. 2006 Arizona State University
B.S. 2003 University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Generally, I am interested in the application of mathematics to solve real world problems arising in the life, social, and physical sciences. My research heavily involves mathematical modeling, inverse problems, and delay systems.

Selected research publications:

  • A structured model for the transmission dynamics of Mycobacterium marinum between aquatic animals (with A. S. Ackleh, D. Ennis, A. Mallick, and K. N. Mutoji), Journal of Biological Systems, 22 (2014), 29--60.
  • Structured models for the spread of Mycobacterium marinum: foundations for a numerical approximation scheme (with A. S. Ackleh, M. Delcambre, and D. Ennis), Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 11 (2014), 679--721.
  • Dynamic modeling of behavior change (with H. T. Banks, Keri L. Rehm, Christine Davis, Lisa Hail, Alexis Kuerbis, and Jon Morgenstern), Quarterly of Applied Mathematics, 72 (2014), 209--251.
  • Theoretical foundations for traditional and generalized sensitivity functions for delay differential equations (with H. T. Banks, and Danielle Robbins), Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 10 (2013), 1301--1333.
  • A new model for the estimation of cell proliferation dynamics using CFSE data (with H.T. Banks, W. Clayton Thompson, G. Bocharov, Marie Doumic, Tim Schenkel, Jordi Argilaguet, Sandra Giest, Cristina Peligero, and Andreas Meyerhans), J. Immunological Methods, 373 (2011), 143--160.
  • Estimation of cell proliferation dynamics using CFSE data (with H. T. Banks and W. Clayton Thompson), Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 73 (2011), 116--150.
  • Inverse problems for nonlinear delay systems (with H. T. Banks and Keri Rehm), Methods and Applications of Analysis, 17 (2010) 331--356.
  • Label structured cell proliferation models (with H. T. Banks, Frédérique Charles, Marie Doumic Jauffret and W. Clayton Thompson), Applied Mathematics Letters, 23 (2010), 1412--1415.
  • Dynamic social network models incorporating stochasticity and delays (with H. T. Banks and K. L. Rehm), Quarterly of Applied Mathematics, 68 (2010) 783--802.
  • Using inverse problem methods with surveillance data in pneumococcal vaccination (with H. T. Banks and Carlos Castillo-Chavez), Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 51 (2010), 369--388.