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Research Areas

Our professors and students explore a broad range of areas and ideas in mathematics and statistics from foundational theory to applied research. We have active researchers in the following areas: algebra, analysis; computational mathematics; differential equations; dynamical systems; mathematical biology; mathematical modeling; numerical analysis; statistics; and, topology.

You can find more detailed information in the list below and through the faculty links in this list. 



  • Ping Wong Ng (C*-algebras, K-theory, representation theory, topological groups)
  • Leonel Robert (operator algebras, C*-algebras, K-theory, the Cuntz semigroup, Hilbert C*-modules)

Applied Mathematics

  • Azmy Ackleh (mathematical biology)
  • Cameron Browne (mathematical biology)
  • Chiu Yeung Chan (nonlinear partial differential equations, applied analysis, mathematical modeling, computational mathematics)
  • Ross Chiquet (mathematical biology, differential and difference equations)
  • Keng Deng (partial differential equations)
  • Hayriye Gulbudak (dynamical systems, differential equations, numerical analysis, modeling biological systems)
  • Baker Kearfott (global optimization, software development and computer arithmetic, interval computations, operations research)
  • Paul L. Salceanu (mathematical biology, difference and differential equations, dynamical systems)
  • A.S. Vatsala (ordinary and partial differential equations)
  • Amy Veprauskas (mathematical biology, difference and differential equations, dynamical systems)
  • Bruce A. Wade (numerical analysis, computational mathematics)
  • Xiang-Sheng Wang (applied analysis, computational mathematics, and mathematical biology)
  • Yangwen Zhang (applied mathematics, scientific computing, numerical analysis, and data science.)



  • J. Calvin Berry (decision theory, Bayesian statistics, linear models, multivariate analysis)
  • Kalimuthu Krishnamoorthy (occupational exposure data analysis, inference with missing data, meta analysis, tolerance regions, multiple detection limits, statistical calibration)
  • Nabendu Pal (decision theory, reliability and life testing, multivariate analysis, and biostatistics)
  • Yongli Sang (time series, nonparametric statistics, robust statistics, correlated data analysis)
  • Mo Li (categorical time series, changepoint detection, microbiome and T-cell receptor sequencing, statistical applications in the environmental and biological sciences)