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April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month

Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month is a time to increase understanding and appreciation of mathematics and statistics.

We have several special events and activities planned for this April.

We will have a special (nontechnical) lecture. At 4:00 on Wednesday, 25 April 2018, Dr. Bob Prochaska with speak on "Life after a mathematics degree".

We will also have an on-line problem solving competition. There are problems at the middle school, high school, college levels.

Department of Mathematics

Math: the language of the universe. Regardless of culture or personal identity, math is the one thread you can find woven throughout all of our lives.

Math is not only a building block for the sciences, but you can apply mathematical logic to just about any field — law, architecture, engineering, music, and even sports. Math is a part of everything we do.

Our programs let you understand and harness the power of math through undergraduate, master's, and doctoral programs with comprehensive and diverse coursework. Our faculty members are world renowned, and conduct research with millions of dollars in funding.

Become fluent in the language of the universe — see what our programs can offer you.

Monthly Mathematics Challenge

Are you interested in problem solving?

Try the problems in our monthly mathematics challenge.

Undergraduates get involved!

We have many interesting opportunities for undergraduate students.  Please join us!