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Placement & Credit

It is useful to define the terms placement and credit. Placement into a course means permission to enroll in that course. Note: Just because you place into a particular course does not necessarily mean that that is the course you should enroll in. Be sure to consider what you plan to take after this course and any restrictions imposed by your major. Credit or course credit means that your transcript will show credit for the course.

We offer two versions of our college algebra, pre-calculus algebra and trigonometry, and first semester calculus courses. Please visit our notes regarding course selection page for the details.


The math department uses your ACT mathematics score, SAT mathematics score, ACCUPLACER QRAS score, ALEKS PPL score, or any college level mathematics courses (including dual enrollment) you have taken to assess your preparedness for a particular course.

For details regarding placement based on your ACT mathematics score, ACCUPLACER QRAS score, or ALEKS PPL score, please follow the appropriate page link in the following list.

The Office of Orientation schedules the ACCUPLACER QRAS exam for UL Lafayette students. For information about the exam and scheduling please visit the Office of Orientation ACCUPLACER page.

The ALEKS PPL assessment exam is an online exam administered by the McGraw Hill Company. For information about the exam, associated learning tools, and scheduling please visit our ALEKS PPL page.

Course Credit

The normal method of obtaining course credit is by successful completion of the course at UL Lafayette. The registrar may also assign transfer credit for courses taken at other colleges and universities. For information about other ways to earn course credit please visit our ways to earn course credit page.

Scheduling a Placement or Credit Exam

For information about scheduling a placement or credit exam please visit our placement and credit exam scheduling page.

If you have any questions regarding placement or credit please contact the Department of Mathematics in 217 Maxim Doucet Hall, at 337-482-6702, or by e-mail at