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Career Opportunities

Math opens the door to many promising career paths. Not only do many professions and majors require a background in math, but the analytical and problem–solving skills you learn in math can apply to a range of careers.

We want to help you build your career — starting while you’re in school and continuing after you’ve graduated. For assistance with writing your resume, practicing your interview skills, and searching for internships and jobs, visit UL Lafayette Career Services.

Below you will find links to career resources at several professional society and association web sites as well as some career and occupation resource web sites.

In addition to the targeted links provided here, you may find it worthwhile to explore other sections of these society, association, and career information web sites.

Mathematical (general)

Statistical (general, actuarial, and data science)

Operations Research

Data Science (see also Statistics links)

Career Information Sites (general with mathematical links)