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Mathematics Association Competition Winners

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STEM Careers at the NSA and Quantum Computing

(sponsored by the Women in Math Society of the National Security Agency)

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SIAM Texas-Louisiana Section Meeting

On 3-5 November 2023, the Mathematics Department hosted the sixth annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and A

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Several of our sutudents and faculty attended the Louisiana Mississippi sectional meeting of the Mathematical Association of America on 16-18 February 2017 at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. Two of our students placed first in student paper/presentation competitions. Alex Fontenot placed first in the undergradute student paper/presentation competition. The title of his talk is Characterizing the Behavior of the Difference Equation x_n+1=(ax_n+b)(mod 1) (Ross Chiquet served as Alex's advisor). Rainey Lyons placed 1st in the graduate student paper/presentation competition. The title of his talk is Picard's Iterative Method for Caputo Fractional ODE's (Ross Chiquet and A.S. Vatsala served as Rainey's advisors). Please join us in congratulating our students and their advisors! Photo (left to right): Alex Fontenot, Rainey Lyons, and Ross Chiquet.