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Students Place First and Second at Mathematics Meeting

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Professor lectures in India

Professor Aghalaya Vatsala of our department conducted a weeklong course on Generalized Iterative Methods for Nonlin

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Our department was very successful in the competitions at the 2018 Louisiana/Mississippi Mathematical Association of America Section Meeting which we hosted this weekend.

One of our student teams placed second overall in the student team competition. The team, Cody Nash, Alex Fontenot, Grace Sternamen, and Lance Myers, was coached by Dr. Ross Chiquet. Dr. George Turcu, Blaise Heider, and Tommy Credeur also helped the team prepare for the competition.

High school student Mark Dibbs placed first overall in the student paper/presentation competition. He was advised by Dr. Amy Veprauskas.

Photo (left to right): Grace Sternamen, Ross Chiquet, Lance Myers, Alex Fontenot.