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Nabendu Pal

Nabendu Pal

443 Maxim Doucet Hall

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Ph.D. 1989 University of Maryland Baltimore County
M.S. 1986 Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta
B.S. 1984 Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta

My research interests are in decision theory, reliability and life testing, multivariate analysis, and biostatistics.

Selected research publications:

  • A note on interval estimation of the standard deviation of a gamma population with applications to statistical quality control (with Frost, Jaron, Keller, Kara, Lowe, Jonathan, Skeete, Toya, Walton, Shont√©, and Castille, Jessie), Appl. Math. Model. 37 (2013), 2580--2587.
  • Fitting a structured juvenile-adult model for green tree frogs to population estimates from capture-mark-recapture field data (with Ackleh, Azmy S., Carter, Jacoby, Deng, Keng, Huang, Qihua, and Yang, Xing), Bull. Math. Biol. 74 (2012), 641--665.
  • Inferences on parameters of a generalized exponential distribution (with Healy, Matthew, Lio, Y. L., and Zhang, Haochun), J. Indian Statist. Assoc. 49 (2011), 177--198.
  • A Case Study of Green Tree Frog Population Size Estimation by Repeated Capture-Mark-Recapture Method with Individual Tagging: A Parametric Bootstrap Method vs. Jolly-Seber Method (with Yang, X., Ackleh, A. and Carter, J.),Journal of Statistical Computation & Simulation, 81 (2011), 1879-1895.
  • Testing the Equality of Several Gamma Means: A Parametric Bootstrap Method Applications (with Chang, C. H. and Lin, J. J.), Computational Statistics, 26 (2011), 55-76.
  • On Comparing Several Poisson Means (with Chang, C. H. and Lin, J. J.), Communications in Statistics, Simulation & Computation, 39 (2010), 1605 - 1627.
  • Comparing Several Population Means: A Computational Approach Test, and Its Comparison with One Way ANOVA F-Test As Well As ANOM(with Chang, C. H., Lim, W. K. and Lin, J. J.),Computational Statistics, 25 (2010), 71--95.
  • Estimation of a Population Size Through Capture-Mark-Recapture Method: A Comparison of Various Point and Interval Estimators (with Yang, X.), Journal of Statistical Computation & Simulation, 80 (2010), 335--354.
  • Discussion on Skew-Normal Approximation of a Binomial Distribution (with Chang, C. H., Lin, J. J. and Chiang, M. C.), InterStat, Oct. (2008) (online journal
  • Exact Test Critical Values for Correlation Testing with Applications (with Chang, C. H. and Lin, J. J.), WSEAS Transaction on Mathematics, 7 (2008), No. 6, 363--381.