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Sungsu Kim

Sungsu Kim
Assistant Professor

403 Maxim Doucet Hall

Ph.D. (Applied Statistics) 2009 Univ. of Calif. Riverside
M.A. (Mathematics) 2008 Univ. of Calif. Riverside
M.S. (Statistics) 2004 San Diego State University
B.A (Bioengineering Pre-med) 1997 Univ. of Calif. San Diego

I joined the mathematics department at UL Lafayette as Assistant Professor of Statistics in Fall 2016. Upon receiving my Ph.D. in 2009, I joined Kyungpook National University at Daegu, South Korea as Assistant Professor. After that I was a Visiting Scientist at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, a Postdoc at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and a Visiting Assistant Professor at Northern Illinois University. My main research interests are in the areas of Big data clustering, Combinatoric probability, Directional Statistics. I am very active in research; but, I am also very serious about my teaching.

Selected research publications:

  • An Improved Meta-analysis for Analyzing Cylindrical-type Time Series Data with Applications to Forecasting Problem in Environmental Study (with S. Wang and T.B. Peiris), Journal of Applied Statistics, 45 (2018), 474-486.
  • Multivariate and Multiple Circular Regression (with A. SenGupta), Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 87 (2017), 1277-1291.
  • Restricted Inference in Circular-Linear and Linear-Circular Regression (with T.B. Peiris), Sri lankan Journal of Statistics, 17 (2016), 39-50.
  • A Multivariate Circular Distribution with Applications to the Protein Structure Prediction Problem (with SenGupta, A. and Arnold, B. C.), Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 143 (2016), 374-382.
  • Statistical Inference for Homologous Gene Pairs Between Two Circular Genomes: a New Circular-circular Regression Model (with SenGupta, A.), Statistical Methods and Applications, 25 (2015), 421-432.
  • Inverse Circular-Linear/Linear-Circular Regression (with SenGupta, A.), Communications in Statistics, Theory and Method, 44 (2015), 4772-4782.
  • Inverse Circular-Circular Regression (with SenGupta and Arnold, B. C), Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 119 (2013), 200-208.
  • On Waiting Time Distribution of Runs of Ones or Zeroes in a Bernoulli Sequence (with Park, C. J. and Oh, J.), Statistics and Probability Letters, 83 (2013), 339-344.
  • A Three-Parameter Generalized von Mises Distributions (with SenGupta, A.), Statistical Papers, 54 (2012), 685-693.
  • Step-Wise Sampling Scheme for a Poisson Intensity Parameter (with Park, C. J.), Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics, 7 (2012), 49-55.