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Update from the Spring 2023 MAA sectional meeting

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STEM Careers at the NSA and Quantum Computing

(sponsored by the Women in Math Society of the National Security Agency)

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SIAM Texas-Louisiana Section Meeting

On 3-5 November 2023, the Mathematics Department hosted the sixth annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and A

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Several of our undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty attended and participated in the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Section Meeting at Ole Miss on 2-4 March 2023. More than 150 participants from colleges and universities across Louisiana and Mississippi were in attendance. Participants competed in mathematics competitions and presented talks on research and scholarship.

  • Undergraduates Bailey Meche and Scott Whitman competed in the 20th Annual Integration Bee.
  • Undergraduates Logan Richard, Bryan Flores, Scott Whitman, and Bailey Meche competed and placed 4th in the Mathematics Team Competition, missing 3rd place by only 7 points.
  • Bailey Meche presented his undergraduate research project titled DiseaseNet: A Unified Approach to Disease Detection.
  • Graduate students Yusuf Afolabi and Arindam Sutradhar presented talks on their most recent research. Arindam spoke on Essential Codimension and Lifting Projections and Yusuf spoke on A Second-Order Accurate Crank-Nicolson Type Scheme for Nonlinear Time-Space Reaction-Diffusion Equations on Time-Graded Meches.
  • Faculty member Christy Sue Langley spoke on Redesigning Your Math Curriculum with Coreqs, Planning, and Practice.