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PhD Candidates Honored

(Left to right: Md Mehedi Hasan, Sankar Sikder, Bruce Wade (PhD advisor and Department Head), Alain Lionel Fogang Takoutsing, Jonathan Villareal, Md Mahadi Hasan, Justin Lynd (PhD advisor), Kalimuthu Krishnamoorthy (PhD advisor), and Md Monzur Murshed.)

On 18 March 2024, six mathematics and statistics graduate students were honored at a Graduate School ceremony recognizing students who what advanced to candidacy for their PhD.

The Doctoral Candidacy Recognition Ceremony, which was a component of Graduate Student Appreciation Week, was organized by the Graduate School to honor students who have advanced to doctoral candidacy since April 2023.

(Left to right: Md Monzur Murshed, Md Mahadi Hasan, Sankar Sikder, and Md Mehedi Hasan.)

Jonathan Villareal, Justin Lynd, Omar Dennaoui.

Dean Farmer-Kaiser, Mahpara Mashiyat, and Dean Ackleh

Dean Farmer-Kaiser pinning Mahpara Mashiyat

Dean Farmer-Kaiser, Dean Ackleh, Jonathan Villareal, and Prof Lynd

Dean Farmer-Kaiser, Dean Ackleh, and Sankar Sikder

Dean Farmer-Kaiser, Dean Ackleh Md. Mahadi Hasan, and Prof Krishnamoorthy

Jonathan Villareal with his family.

Jonathan Villareal with his family, plus fellow graduate students Kaitlyn Owen and Omar Dennaoui.